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Veggie Rice w/ Korean BBQ Mushrooms

Gluten Free ~ Vegan

Vegetable Rice

w/ BBQ Lions Mane Mushrooms


Dinner for two or three or you can double the recipe to make it family size.

This recipe takes about 20 minutes so its perfect for a quick meal. Lions mane might be hard to come by, usually I get it at farmers markets but I actually found some at Wegman's super market. If you can't find lions mane then use whatever mushrooms you can find or if you don't like mushrooms add tofu or another kind of meat alternative.

The rice is delicious that it can be used as a side dish.

Servers 2-3 persons


Veggie Rice:

½ cup of Jasmine rice

1 cup Mushroom broth (or any vegetable broth or water)

1 small Yellow Onion

3 Cloves of Garlic

1 Red Bell Pepper

1 Medium Zucchini

3/4 cup chopped String Beans (about 15-20 string beans depending on size)

1 tsp Garlic powder

1 tsp Onion powder

⅛ tsp Black Pepper

⅛ tsp Salt

Lions Mane:

10 oz. Lions Mane Mushrooms (if there is no lions mane, use any mushroom)

1 tsp Poultry seasoning

Pinch of Salt

Pinch of Pepper

1 tbsp Korean BBQ sauce from Wegmans



  1. Start by mincing the garlic & cutting the onion into small cubes.

  2. In a sauce pan on medium low heat, add some oil to coat the pan & saute garlic with the onions until translucent.

  3. Next, cut the bell pepper removing the top & the seeds. Cut the pepper into half inch strips & then cut again into small half inch squares.

  4. Then cut the zucchini into half the long way. Cut quarter inch strips & cut again into half inch cubes. Add the peppers & zucchini to the pan & saute for a minute.

  5. Cut the string beans into 1 inch pieces & add to the pan.

  6. Then add half cup of rice, the cup of broth & salt. Cook until water is fully evaporated. Let the rice sit for 5 minutes after the flame is off.

  7. Once the rice is ready add in the rest of the spices & mix it all together.

Lions Mane:

Preheat oven to 300° degree Fahrenheit.

  1. In a small strainer place the mushrooms & coat them with salt & pepper. Let sit for 3-5 minutes.

  2. On a baking tray add the mushrooms & bake for about 15 minutes. Really pay attention because the mushrooms are delicate so don't want them to dry out.

  3. Once the mushrooms are done take a fork or let them cool a little to pull them apart.

  4. Then in a bowl mix the sauce over the mushrooms.

Place a spoonful of rice in a bowl & top with some mushrooms.

Serve & Share with Love


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