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Side Facts About Me

I love you so Matcha

Purple is the best color

I have the Cutest dog in the world

 Elephants & Sunflowers make me smile

Cooking in the woods by a lake is my favorite 

I craft pottery, earrings, & dream catchers

Married my Husband Derek on a Horse Farm

About Me

Welcome to @Littleleaf_kitchen

My name is Natalya!

I’m a plant enthusiast based out of NY. I grew up eating very traditional Jewish food.

At a young age, I watched a juicing infomercial and soon after that, I became obsessed with healthy living.

As I started to change my eating habits, other wellness routines started to become easier to prioritize. I learned to live in harmony with my body and I developed a passion for everything nature has to provide. I spent time working on farms and later became an aromatherapist. Through creating beauty care products I focused on how substantial plants truly are.

In the past few years, I have attended an intensive health cooking course, worked at both a vegan & farm-to-table vegetarian restaurant as a Sous Chef. 

I now am a personal chef & recipe developer. 

I am always expanding my knowledge to be able to share more delicious recipes with my clients.

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