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Vegan Tandoori Meatballs in Coconut Curry Sauce

Vegan ~ Gluten Free

Vegan Beyond Meatballs

in a Coconut Curry


When I tell you these meatballs taste so much better then regular meatballs, I am not lying! This recipe totally transforms the beyond meat! I thought about making the meatballs in a traditional tomato sauce meatballs but I figured out that I would so rather a coconut curry sauce instead.

We served these with a side of wild rice & some roasted broccoli! It was sooo tasty!

This recipe only took about 35 minutes to make!

I hope you love it as much as we did!


1 pack of ground Beyond Meat

1 Can Coconut Milk (unsweetened, full fat)

¼ Cup Water

1 medium Yellow Onion 2 Cloves Garlic

2 Tbsp Chopped Parsley

1 Tbsp Chopped Cilantro ( plus a little extra for garnish)

1 Tbsp Curry Powder

1 tsp Garlic Powder

½ tsp Chili Powder

⅛ tsp Black Pepper

⅛ tsp Sea Salt

1 small Jalapeno, minced (optional)

1/4 Cup Cashews (optional)


  1. Preheat the oven to 350° degrees.

  2. Mince the garlic & use half an onion chopped into small cubes.

  3. In a medium saute pan with a little avocado oil, saute the garlic & onion until lightly caramelized.

  4. Then in a bowl add the beyond meat, chopped parsley, cilantro, tandoori, garlic, chili, black pepper, & salt; mix all everything together.

  5. Line a baking tray with parchment paper or spray the tray with a little oil. Then roll the ground beef into golf ball size balls & bake for 25-20 minutes.

  6. While the meatballs are baking start the sauce by sauteing the other half of the onion (chopped into small cubes). Optional here to add in the minced jalapeno (make sure to remove the seeds).

  7. Saute the onion (& jalapeno if you are using it). Saute until lightly golden.

  8. Pour in the whole can of coconut milk, the cup of water, & curry powder. Leave the curry on a low simmer.

  9. Once the meatballs are cooked add them to the saute pan. Continue to cook on a low simmer. Optional to add in cashews.

  10. Garnish with a little extra cilantro.

Serve & Share with Love


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