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Seaweed Wrapped Adashah

Vegan ~ Gluten Free

This recipe could be made with TOFU!

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Seaweed Wrapped Adashah


Note: Ashashah is a vegan, plant-based protein made from lentils. A friend of mine created this product in Florida & sells it to restaurants in the Florida area. It is in production to be sold in more areas so follow @adashah_bymightylentil for updates on this delicious product!

Since Adashah is hard to find you can substitute this recipe with Extra Firm Tofu! When using tofu make sure to first press the tofu. Pressing the Tofu helps get out the liquid. Cut the tofu in half the long way so you have two regular size tofu blocks. Wrap both pieces of tofu in separate paper towels or a kitchen towels. Place something heave on them & set aside for about 30 minutes. Then follow the same instructions down below.

For Taco night & all the side recipes are HERE


1 Block of Adashah or 1 block of Tofu if that's what you have.

1 Package of Seaweed that has at least 10 Sheets

1 ½ Cups Gluten Free Bread Crumbs (I used WatUSee Chickpea Crumbs)

½ Cup Oat Milk (or any plant-based milk of your choice)

½ Cup Tapioca Starch

1 Tbsp Old Bay Seasoning

1 tsp Kelp Salt

1 tsp Garlic Powder

⅛ tsp Cracked Black Pepper


Take the Adashah or Tofu (which is just as perfect to use!). If using tofu remember to first press it for about 30 minutes. Cut the protein of choice into equal squares, about 2 ½ inches by 2 ½ inches & about ½ inch thick.

Now take the seaweed sheet and cut one sheet into two. Do this slowly so it doesn't break apart. Take half a sheet & get it a little damp. Then wrap it around a piece of the protein you are using as if you were wrapping a gift! Repeat until each piece is wrapped in seaweed.

Once each piece is wrapped, place breadcrumbs, tapioca, & milk of choice all in separate bowls. Add old bay, garlic powder, kelp salt, & cracked pepper to the breadcrumbs & mix it well.

First dip the protein into the tapioca, then into the milk & last place it in the breadcrumbs until fully breaded. Repeat until all pieces are breaded. Then in a skillet or a pan add avocado oil (or oil of choice that is good for frying. Coconut oil works well too since it can withstand high heat).

Place the pieces into the skillet & fry on both sides until lightly browned. Then with a sharp knife cut each piece into strips less then a quarter inch thick. Cut carefully & slow to make sure the seaweed doesn't pull off. Place cut pieces on a plate & you are ready to start eating!

Optional: after cutting the slices you can place them on the skillet again to get the inside a little more fried. Totally optional!

Serve & Share with Love


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