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Green Summer Zucchini Noodles w/ Oyster & Shiitake Mushrooms

Vegan ~ Gluten Free

Green Summer Zoodles

w/ oyster & shiitake mushrooms


My new favorite thing is making zucchini noodles! They make their own great dish or add them to top off dishes or to add more crunch to a salad. Whatever you do they are so refreshing & delicious.

I also am having fun making my own green dressings. This dressing is very light but packed with freshness.

The earthy vibes from the mushrooms too much this dish all the better! This dish taste so yummy & makes a great healthy dish to add to summer parties!


4 Medium Zucchinis

1 3.5 oz. Oyster Mushrooms

5 Shiitake Mushrooms Tops

½ tbsp. Liquid Aminos

¼ tsp. Maple Syrup

⅛ tsp. Liquid Smoke


¼ tsp Hemp Seeds

handful of Micro Greens or Sprouts

a few Edible Flowers Optional: ⅛ tsp Chili Flakes


¼ cup Olive Oil

1 cup Kale

½ cup Spinach

1 clove Garlic

½ a Lemon Juice

½ Cucumber

½ Avocado

1 bunch of Fennel tops

5 leaves of Mint Leaves

Small handful Parsley Leaves

⅛ Sea Salt

⅛ Black Pepper


  1. First, start by making the zucchini noodles. I used a hand spiraling tool but if you have the bigger counter top one it’s way easier!

  2. Then lay the fresh zucchini noodles into a towel or paper towel. Cover & allow the towel to soak up any excess water.

  3. Next, preheat oven to 400 degrees.

  4. Then, slice the shiitake mushrooms into a quarter-inch thin slices. I usually get about 4-5 slices depending on the mushroom size obv.

  5. Place the oyster mushrooms, shiitake, liquid aminos, maple syrup, & liquid smoke into a bowl then toss the mushrooms to fully coat them. Place mushrooms onto a baking tray & bake for 10-15 mins.

  6. While the mushrooms are baking start making the dressing.

  7. In a blender add all the ingredients & blend until smooth.

Plating the Dish:

  1. In a bowl toss the dressing over the zoodles. Once they are nicely coated pick the zoodles up so whatever excess liquid stays in the bowl.

  2. Lay out them onto a serving dish. Place the mushrooms on top & then add the garnish.

Serve & Share with Love


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